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About Sumdar

As the first installment of a four part series, Sumdar: Birth Into Dreams is a fantasy story told through the voice of a quirky, cerebral narrator. This is a story based on the premise of an alternative evolutionary branch of human beings called the Sumdar. Sumdars are seemingly immortal, beings that live among ordinary humans. They look just like ordinary humans, but only Sumdars can recognize the difference. They have a rich culture, a utilitarian and philosophical religion, a unique language, but most importantly, Sumdars have extraordinary, yet plausible, abilities that are far beyond what ordinary humans can ever imagine.

In this first book the plot revolves around the main character, Pierre - a young nanotechnologist. The story progresses through the introspective eyes of Pierre as he undergoes an unexpected metamorphosis of both mind and body. He discovers that he is not the ordinary human he thought he was. He is open minded, curious and passive enough to go with the flow as he encounters these unusual characters who bring him supernatural revelations to explain what is happening to him. He is becoming one of them. Through it all, however, Pierre retains a suspicious skepticism which, unfortunately, causes him to become confused, doubtful and even drives him to question his own sanity.

Most aspects of Pierre's life get twisted around so forcibly that he eventually gives into the inevitable lure of the Sumdar world. However, just as he irreversibly enters the Sumdar world, he discovers that the love of his life, an honorable young woman named Grace, has mysteriously disappeared leaving behind all but a few disturbing clues.

The Sumdar are to humans as humans are to neanderthals - just a different branch growing out from the tree of evolution. Their superior genetic structure provides them with traits of longevity, youthfulness, healthfulness, as well as other wondrous capabilities. Various intriguing, yet fallible Sumdar characters, introduce Pierre to their culture, their eccentric life style, and their all encompassing system of spirituality called the Kunyar.

This good clean story is laced with rich imagery, suspenseful mind games, and perpetual unexpected twists of anticipation. The book starts off slowly - mirroring how any ordinary person would approach the unbelievable. However, as the Sumdar world becomes more familiar, the story picks up momentum. The ending of this first book is so unexpected that you will feel it was worth the wait. You will be left begging for the next volume.

Learn how the story unfolds, order today from Amazon.com or your neighborhood bookseller, ISBN 0-9677839-4-1

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